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This software is designed for NRM Managers and Field Officers from organisations such as DELWP and CMAs.

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Terms and Conditions 
Website Conditions of Use

This Victorian Government application is provided for information purposes only. No claim is made as to the accuracy of this application. In no event will the State of Victoria, its agents, instrumentalities and employees be liable for the accuracy or functionality of the tool, nor any reliance placed on it. There is no warranty that the application will be free of infections by viruses or any other manifesting, contaminating or destructive properties.

The Environmental Simulation software, data, and services provided by the Victorian Government are supplied ``as is'' and without any express or implied warranties including, but not limited to, the implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. The entire risk as to the quality and performance of the data, software or services supplied is with you. Should the data, software or service prove defective, you assume the cost of all necessary servicing, repair or correction.

Software Conditions of Use

This application and all its components (including images, audio, video and text) is copyright. Apart from fair dealing for the purposes of private study, research, criticism or review as permitted under the Copyright Act 1968, no part may be reproduced, copied, transmitted in any form or by any means (electronic, mechanical or graphic) without the prior written permission of the State of Victoria.

Privacy Statement
EnSym Website Privacy Statement

The Victorian Government is committed to protecting information about you and enacted the Information Privacy Act 2000 to provide a statutory framework for privacy and to guide government departments in their personal information handling activities.

EnSym is the property of the Department of Environment, Water, Land and Planning (DELWP). DELWP values and protects the personal information it collects in the course of undertaking its responsibilities and continues to demonstrate a strong culture of protecting the confidentiality and privacy of clients and members of the community.

This Privacy Statement applies generally to the whole EnSym website. We will request personal information from you such as your name and contact details when you register to download the EnSym software. The privacy and security advice that relates to the collection of your personal details to register for EnSym will be provided at the registration section of the website.

Collection of Personal Information and Other Information.

The EnSym website collects anonymous information through web servers. Information such as the number, date and timing of visits to the website and the pages of the website visited frequently is collected for statistical purposes only to assist us to improve our service.

This website and the EnSym software may use "cookies" (small data files that are sent to your computer). These cookies do not collect Personal Information. The statistical data collected may assist us to make your experience of our website easier and more efficient for you. For instance, if you choose to personalise this web site, the cookies will enable the site to remember your preferred settings for your subsequent visits.

When you register through this website to download the EnSym software and related files, you will be asked to supply your name, job title and employer contact details. This information is collected so you can be contacted as software updates and related data is made available. The information is used to manage your software license agreement and may also be used to contact you about EnSym training opportunities, software updates and promote new EnSym software features. The main method of communication is via email although telephone may be used to follow up technical enquiries.

Where you are asked to supply personal information as part of a transaction, you will be advised at that time, of the level of security provided for your transaction. However, if you access other organisation's sites using a link from this web page, please note you will leave the DELWP website and will be subject to the terms, conditions and circumstances of the site you visit, including the level of privacy protection offered on that site. The DELWP privacy policy and protections will no longer apply once you leave this site.

Use of Collected Information

The information (both personal information you supply and other anonymous information mentioned above) that is collected by the department will not be used/disclosed for any purpose other than the purpose of the registration you have submitted, the software and related files you have downloaded, license agreement made or technical enquiries you may have submitted. The information is not otherwise used, disclosed or shared with another party unless such a disclosure is required for law enforcement purposes.

Access to information about you.

You have the right to access and correct information about you that is held by DELWP. In most cases requests for access will be administered through the Freedom of Information process, particularly requests that in some way affect the privacy of another individual or relate to commercial activity. Requests for access should be sent to the Manager Privacy, P.O. Box 500 East Melbourne 3002 or contact by phone on 9637 8697.

For more information about the DELWP Privacy Policy you can go to www.delwp.vic.gov.au/privacy.

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Last updated 22 March 2018