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Environmental Accounts

Environmental-economic accounting aims to provide decision makers with the information they need to maintain and improve ecosystems and the ecosystem services that benefit society.  Decision makers need information to monitor the effectiveness of environmental policy over time and across landscapes. The information helps them understand the current state of ecosystems, the changes in the states of ecosystems, and the causes of those changes.  Policy makers and natural resource managers need information to understand the outcomes of past expenditure, and to improve resource allocation and maximise returns on natural resource investments.

The paper, Environmental-Economic Accounting, Victorian Experimental Ecosystem Accounts, demonstrates that it is possible to provide information on ecosystems and their changing condition through time in an accounting format. It shows how changes in ecosystems can be attributed to human intervention (e.g. revegetation), natural change or environmental events (e.g. flood and fire). The paper also suggests how changes in the condition of ecosystems can be linked with changes in ecosystem services, and with the socio-economic contexts of the ecosystem assets.

The accounts presented in the paper were constructed using methods prescribed in the System of Environmental-Economics Accounting: Experimental Ecosystem Accounts (SEEA: EEA), an internationally recognised framework for ecosystem accounting that aligns with the System for National Accounts (SNA) and the work of the Australian Bureau of Statistics in national and environmental accounting. The underlying data were sourced from Commonwealth and Victorian databases, and classified in a manner relevant to policy makers, natural resource managers and decision makers. The tables were designed to present information that is comparable over time and across regions, allowing users to objectively review the outcomes of natural resource management decisions in a broader context.


Poster: Accounting for the Environment 2016 (PDF 3,978KB)

Victorian Experimental Ecosystem Accounts (PDF 1,587KB)

Victorian Experimental Ecosystem Accounts (DOCX 1,318KB)

Tables for Victoria (XLS 421KB)

Tables by CMA (XLS 163KB)

Tables by Bioregion (XLS 233KB)

Tables by SA4 (XLS 190KB)

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