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EnSym Tools

EnSym contains three main tools – the Site Assessment Tool for field work, the Landscape Preference Tool for asset prioritisation and metric building and BioSim for catchment planning.

EnSym’s Site Assessment Tool estimates the impact of actions on the landscape, allowing natural resource managers to understand and quantify the environmental benefits of on-ground conservation and revegetation works. This tool is designed to ensure the consistent and objective calculation of the change in environmental service expected as a result of management actions (like weeding and revegetation) across a landscape. Importantly, it provides a score, known as the ‘Environmental Benefits Index’, for each site which can be used alongside information on costs to identify cost effective projects.

EnSym’s Landscape Preference Tool makes it easy to identify sites that match a program’s natural resource priorities. The Landscape Preference Tool allows natural resource managers to define a set of assessment criteria by which to assess sites and projects. The tool will then score sites using these criteria. These scores can be used as an objective measure to assist investment decision making.

EnSym’s BioSim assists decision making in planning and water resource divisions by predicting the impact of land management on water, sediment and agricultural chemical yields in a catchment. It is the biophysical modelling toolbox of EnSym, designed to simulate all major hydrologic components as simply and realistically as possible.

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